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To be the landlord of a property is indeed a great thing, but, when a problem like the blocked shower drains surfaces, the very prideful position becomes the pitiable concern, especially when things are not taken care of clearly in the leasing agreement. When it comes to the repair and maintenance of the rental property in Scotland, irrespective of the type of tenancy, by law, the responsibility predominantly lies with the landlord, who is expected to take care of the following.

  • The entire structure of the building, both internal and external and the surrounding premises.
  • The water pipes, both the internal and the external ones and the gas pipes
  • The gutters, drains, basins, sinks, toilets, and baths
  • Electric wiring and the electric appliances, if any provided by the landlord
  • Any furnishings, if any provided
  • Heaters both the room heater and the water heater
  • Smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Therefore, by the literal meaning of the above-mentioned Scottish government guidance for rental properties, only the landlord is responsible for the repair of the blocked shower drain.

But, if the blockage has happened due to the inappropriate usage of the tenant, then it has to be the tenant, who has to get the repair work done and, also, own the monetary responsibility for it. If the tenant believes in fair play then, without any problem he/she would understand the situation and accept the responsibility. But, if not, only the landlord has to follow the procedures painstakingly despite the immoral behavior of the tenant. That is why including these significant details in the tenancy agreement is important to avoid all such unwanted inconveniences.

But, thankfully, despite the unethical situation, a landlord need not suffer much both in terms of expenditure and getting the work done perfectly, only because of the reliable services of the blocked drains glasgow!

After years of trolling on a foreign land, my uncle decided to settle in our hometown by buying a house from the money he had been lovingly saving all these years. He sought our help in deciding on a house made by a reliable builder or a relatively new one from a good owner within a five-kilometer radius of our house.

I accompanied him to all his house visits and there was one thing which I realized as the first attraction of a house on sale. That is its positive energy which welcomes the life approaching it instantly.


Lighting makes a house full of positives

What is this positive energy? Cleanliness? New houses may be extremely clean, still, failed to attract the buyers quickly. There were old houses, which were shining bright which readily transferred to our faces and mind. One of such houses made us literally glow in satisfaction and we preferred to ignore certain negatives like the congested residential area where it was built and the crowded garden.

Finally, we understood that the single factor which made the house so special that my uncle didn’t even bother to bargain was the enchanting ambiance inside and outside it created by perfectly set and lit lighting. The paints were carefully selected to suit the moods of the rooms and the lights were of the size, design, and position which rightly paired with the walls and the room in the Modern Place.

Every time we visited, the brightness of the house made us accustomed to the internal and external difference instantly. Every layer of lighting was covered and the positions were adjusted in such a way that all indoor activities are attended to. For example, illumination around the dressing table made me look the same way as I look in the sunlight, the same colors, the same shades and the same life.

How can we allow such a lively lighted house to slip from our hands? My uncle readily settled and is leading a bright, comfortable and versatile life in the house with versatile lighting.