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The Big Buddha is the imposing buddha statue that you see as you enter Koh Samui. Its tall 12-metre statue is visible from a great distance, making it a popular tourist spot. It was installed in the early 70’s and since then has attracted many tourists and locals. It is set on Koh Faan, in the northeast corner of the Koh Samui island.

The story goes that Buddha on his way to enlightenment resisted and fought the various dangers thrown at him by the devil-like figure called “Mara”. His statue is an epitome of calm and purity in the light of danger and temptation.

Description: The statue itself is a height and the approach to the statue is by stairs bordered by a beautiful colorful dragon. At the base of the stairs, you will find a beautiful area with vendors selling various artifacts and souvenirs. In addition, you will find restaurants where you can grab a quick bite or even a meal if required. You can visit the statue any time you like. During the day time, you will observe that there are quite a few local devotees who stop by for a prayer and light incense. This will not only give you an insight into the local culture but also allow you to experience devotion through the eyes of Buddhists. For a unique perspective, do visit the shrine in the night when the statue itself seems to be bathed in an almost unreal golden glow from the lights. Since it offers some amazing views of the ocean and the beaches, you may soak in some of the views as well.

While the temple is open throughout the day, the best time to visit will be during the early hours when you can also witness the chanting and the prayers being offered by the locals. I recommend these real estate agents for the best Koh Samui Villas. Getting to the Big Buddha will not be a hassle at all since it is a popular tourist spot and almost everybody can direct you there. If you are put up in one of the KohSamui villa rentals, you can always ask the concierge to guide you in the right direction.

Real estate is a field that can make a large amount of money for those who are able to thrive in the competitive and demanding environment of the modern real estate agent. Not everyone can, and that’s why it’s important to know what to take into account when hiring your personal real estate agent. Personally, I recommend these real estate agents if you’re looking for a holiday villa.


A real estate agent can either take a fixed fee, a final percentage or a combination of both for a property sale. It’s important to know the differences between each so you don’t get caught out in choosing the wrong type of compensation for your agent.

The advantage to a fixed fee is that the real estate agent will be more motivated to put in the work required to sell your property, however, they aren’t necessarily motivated to get the best price. If the agent is going to get a percentage of the final sale then this can work out extremely well in your favor, or it can be the complete opposite and be a sale killer. The reason for this is that if the property is very hard to sell then the agent isn’t going to be motivated to put in the extra work required to get the sale, but if the property is easy to sell and worth a lot, then your agent will push for the best possible deal and get you a great return.


How does your real estate agent come across? Is he or she personable and approachable? They are representing your company or home, so it’s important to pick someone that matches up with your own company or personal ethos in order to protect your investment.