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There may be times when a home gym is more profitable and convenient than a fitness center. It is really easy to set up a gym in your home in 2019.

A functional gym must have everything needed for high-intensity training, weights and strength training. To begin with you must invest in a property that has extra space for your gym; of course, you can always convert your garage into a gym. Once the location has been decided based on your budget you can invest in the following equipment.

  1. A Barbell should find the most prominent place in your arsenal because it can be used for almost 80% of strength training which includes squats, deadlifts, overhead press and so on. There are several options in it, choose depending on who will use it; for example, women can use the 25mm version because they usually have small hands.
  2. The squat stand is another equipment that must be in your home gym. There are several options in weights and portability and height.
  3. Bumper plates are always welcome in the home gym because they do not occupy too much space and are suitable for those into weight lifting. Choose weights realistically; after a positive prime male avis when your testosterone levels improve you can add additional weights.
  4. Kettlebells are extensively used in power and strength training. They come in various weights; beginners can start with a 10kg or 12 kg weight and purchase as they become more comfortable with their weights.
  5. Sandbags are very versatile and in 2019 come in various sizes and designs. They are used for strength training and hence must be of high quality or they will rip apart.

Pull-ups and bench can definitely enhance your experience but they are not the most essential equipment in a gym; you can always find alternates to them. The other miscellaneous stuff usually comprises of jump rope and a mat.